Screen Printing Services – Liverpool

What Are the Different Types of Screen Printing?

Our screen printing or silk screen services are available to the North-West and the rest of the UK. Screen printing produces a higher quality and more durable print for long-term use.

Screen printing is the ideal production method for your promotional needs. Perfect for site boards, large posters, stickers, wristbands, printing directly to substrates and even Point-of-Sale (POS) items. Screen printing allows us to deliver the best printing solutions at competitive prices.

How Our Screen Printing Services Work

Although now a specialist print service, screen printing is still one of the most diverse methods available when it comes to commercial printing. It gives us the ability to print vivid colours on a range of materials, including glass, wood, textiles, sign products, banners and electronics, which gives the print a pleasingly tactile quality.

The main advantage to our customers for using the screen print method over other options is it's cost effective on large quantities, color vibrancy, broad product range, and life expectancy of the prints, even in outdoor conditions.

What We Can Do for You

We can also produce your artwork to create your promotional items, and take care of your project from start to finish. Regardless of quantity and size, we will always be happy to produce your print, and offer advice should you need it.

A quote for all sizes and quantities is available upon requested, get in touch with us via our contact page or speak to us directly at 0151 707 2737. Alternatively, email your request through to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.